East Street Arts, a social enterprise of Marrakech, Inc. will retain 40% of the fees collected from students. The balance will be paid to the instructor. The instructor is responsible for the purchase of all materials required for workshop or must clearly state student responsibility for self-purchase, when applicable. The cost of supplies will not be deducted from East Street Arts' portion of the registration fees.

There must be a minimum of 6 students taking the workshop. If there are less than 4 people signed up within 7 days of the workshop, it will be cancelled 7 days prior to the scheduled start date. If there are 4 students registered, the instructor has the option of canceling 7 days prior or planning to teach the workshop taking 25% less compensation.

Student fees must be a minimum of $20/person registration fee for a two hour workshop. Registration fees must increase with length of workshop and should be mutually agreed upon with East Street Arts. Instructors will be paid within 14 days of workshop event

The instructor will be primarily responsible for the promotion of the workshop. As soon as arrangements have been confirmed or at least 8 weeks prior to the workshop, the instructor will provide East Street Arts with any other information not enclosed on the Workshop Proposal Form. East Street Arts will share event information on social media and on other related websites. East Street Arts will handle registrations through our booking system, allowing the students to pay up front. If they do not want to pay online, people can register at East Street Arts with cash or check.

East Street Arts/Marrakech, Inc. is not responsible for accidents in the workshop with materials being used. Do not use gas appliances in the workshop. Please turn down the thermostat, turn off the lights, and close windows as you leave. A Marrakech employee will be present onsite during all workshops and events and can assist the artist with any special needs.

Any questions please contact Eric G., Director of Creative Development at (203)776-6310 or eaststreetarts@marrakechinc.org

Workshop Proposal Form

Term           Dates                             Proposals Due
Winter              January-April                             October 1
Summer           May-August                              February 1
Fall                   September-December               June 1

Interested in teaching a workshop?